We the scheamers, or there are such places

We the Republic of Lithography, proclaim a levy in mass: conquistadors and contestants, malcontents and malingerers, itinerant salespeople and dream peddlers, profiteers and slovenly bums, that is all emissaries of art, unite!

The project opens with the following sentence: We the scheamers, or there are such places...

The main task consists in creating a personal manifesto related to a particular place. The project aims at combining the image and the word. We assume that a graphic artist's work does not start and end at the surface of a paper print. The final work should also contain a self-commentary describing the process of the project's coming into being.

A textual development of a graphic project can have a lyrical, mocking, ironic or panegyrical nature. The setting – anything will do. A street, a bus, a hair salon, a beach, a forest or a wilderness. Our memory map includes spots so common that they hold us captive. There are also their contrasting counterparts – places so intriguing that they will not let themselves be forgotten.

Our project is an attempt at drawing a map of such places.

We the Republic of Lithography, give you carte blanche. We can't wait to see the fireworks of creativity. We expect self-creation and demonstration, i.e. anything that can be labeled as an Individual Artistic Utterance. We assume that every image has its inner architecture and comes into being in a particular spatiotemporal environment. The structure may either be more, or less, thought- over, the image may be spontaneous or carefully planned – we appreciate any approach, regardless of its outer form. Whether it is a light epigram, a free digression, a sonnet or an epic poem – we hope to see each artist's personal manifesto. If you think that the world is extremely banal – let it show in your work, look for a form that reflects the boundless boredom that pesters you for days and nights. Should you feel the reverse is the case – please prove it. One should look inside the well of quotidian life and fish out everything that is thought-provoking, intriguing. Every day we pass thousands of banal objects. Oils, lubricants, colonial furniture. Furniture in style. Why not furniture-grace? Let's go on. Solutions for heating and sanitation.

Diverse constellations coexist. We see: floor coverings. The harmony of beauty. Floor panels that provide sublime aesthetic sensations. We pass a beauty parlour. Perhaps now is the time to thicken your eyelashes.

Choose the tariff plan that suits you best.
Exercises prepared by:
Michał Piwnicki, 4th year student, 2011/12