An obstacle or: limitation, restriction, drag, hindrance, complication, border, barrier, gate, wall, problem, setback, difficulty, tangle, knot, adversity.

The task has a dynamic character and is based on a perspective shift from the nature of the work to the process and mechanism of its creation.

Emphasizing the self-awareness of the young artist, it touches upon the question of the work of art's perception and the work's context. We are not only interested in what the outcome of the creative process is but also in how the process develops, what challenges the artist has to face, as well as why the end result takes a particular shape, how the means of expression are chosen, how decisions are made. On the other hand, we also want to know the reasons why a work of art does not come into being – what limitations are enforced by the artist himself or herself and what limitations are enforced by the outside world, what are the adversities in the realization of a project and how artists deal with them.

The task aims at showing the creative process and the changes taking place in the process of making decisions related to the creation of one's language and looking for a proper artistic form. It is necessary to document the process of change, one should keep a diary of sorts – be it visual or textual – that would record the moments of artistic search (the sense of defeat/victory, weariness, euphoria, satisfaction, discontent, etc.).