Paulina Buźniak – diploma 2011

Who or what are O(błędy) about?

Should we even pose such a question in the first place? Perhaps we should rather ask instead – what, or who, are (O)błędy? Extraordinary variations on an ordinary madness?

(O)błędy: defective paranoias, deflective delusions, deranged musings, centrifugal deviations, amused transmutations?

Every time we stand in front of the mirror we have to face ourselves, over and over again. We confront the riddle we are to ourselves. The painstaking ritual is repeated every day, it is a sort of resuscitation. Mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-nose. It is not always hygienic, not always predictable. Déshabillé. Nudity.

(O)błędy are deranged attempts at leaving a trace. They are also a sort of stamp, a seal that every day stamps on our minds and bodies. It is exactly like the pillow that adjusts to the shape of our face but also leaves shapes and patterns on our skin. (O)błędy are numerous variations on the subject of the I, they are attempts at registering things from a constantly shifting point of view, in a new light.

(O)błędy – a fragmentary reality stitched together from constantly recurring elements; a sort of multiplication that is more than a simple reiteration. Costumes/masks – sewn and printed over by Paulina herself depict the author's multiplied alter ego, diverse faces of the same person, the multiplicity of one's moods and feelings, ready-made matrixes that replace the original face or are confused with it.

We wish that the author's touch remains as soft as it is, and that her smile remains forever on her open, friendly, and authentic face.

(text: The Lithography Atelier: Magdalena Boffito, Błażej Ostoja Lniski)
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