Joanna Walczykowska – diploma 2011

Fun and games.

Joanna Walczykowska presents – well, this may not be the best verb to describe what she does. One should better say that Joanna oozes a charm and, like Alice, enters a magical world to tell a subtle, lyrical tale of the worlds of lithography and stone.

The idea for the project is linked with a theoretical work that, in this case, is not a theorizing thesis but a poetic narration where the protagonist-speaker is the stone, and hence the work's title – that could be also read as a declaration, or an identification – ja kamień [I the stone].

Gry i zabawy [fun and games], Joanna's diploma project developed slowly and on multiple layers. We have discussed the main topic many times in our atelier, giving the author some suggestions, or slightly shifting the emphasis, adding new threads and motifs, and now we can all admire the final effect.

Joanna's point of departure is the stone and traditional lithography approached in an unorthodox way – hence the multiple techniques and means of expression, including an animated movie.

Joanna personifies the stone and follows several characters whose lives are part of the history of the Warsaw Lithography Atelier. The works presented form inimitable Matryce Wspomnień [Memory Matrixes] – they are pieces of the past which, thanks to Joanna, became entangled in the present – and appear like ghosts, brought to the surface from oblivion. They are fragments of old lithographic matrixes, figures and signs for which Joanna has found a new context and endowed them with new meanings.

We hope that in her future work the author will preserve her light touch, her sophistication and her child's sensitivity as well as the gift for observation and vivid reaction to the world and its phenomena.

(text: The Lithography Atelier: Magdalena Boffito, Błażej Ostoja Lniski)