Greta Samuel – diploma 2015

"In Hebrew the letter SAMEKH stands for a circle. It is synonymous with God's presence that encircles the world." Whom or what do we encounter then in Greta Samuel's diploma work? Circle, dot, line, letter, word, sentence, meaning. White, black, grey. When we attempt to analyse the book, we first face a certain difficulty as our enquiries rest on weak premises – the book's form is a puzzle and the narrative remains just as mysterious. The project is based on understatement. That is why at the very start we are in doubt as to how to formulate our questions. Should we ask what "Samech" talks about or rather – what it does not talk about? What is more important – that which is articulated, or that which remains unspoken? How do you weigh words – those said, those unsaid, and those uttered light-heartedly or thrown to the wind? Perhaps we should ask instead what secrets stay hidden under the floorboards or what lurks behind the corner of an angular house. [read more]