Ewa Łubiarz – diploma 2012

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Creative ferment, or Ewa Łubiarz's personal Dionysia.

Dionysus, the god of wine, born twice, brings vitality and the biological power of life to the world of Olympian gods. The wine that he brings to people both inebriates them and stimulates their spontaneity. Getting drunk on wine means an acquiescence to breaking and rejecting old rules; sometimes, it is also an act of self-creation proclaiming a new world order, expressed in improvisation. Wine is the result of fermentation processes, and everything starts with fertile soil, the fruit the soil bears and the must.

Ewa Łubiarz's project is self-referential – centred on itself. The form of the project is by no means accidental. The project is not a collection of works but a sort of book, an object containing a narrative. We deal with narration that narrates itself and we get to know subsequent episodes in the sequence established by the author. Improvisation means surrendering to chance but the creative process itself takes place according to the rules set by the artist.

Images and fragments of reality are singled out from the matter's ferment and endowed with meaning – first they are photographed and then transformed as they are used in the process of lithographs creation. The images are accompanied by text that plays the role of stage directions. The texts quoted refer to the same issues as the images but they use different language; and the mythical motifs chosen by the artist come from different times and spaces and represent various conventions. The motifs of genesis, chaos and order, wine and drunkenness constantly appear and overlap. The simultaneous narration of multiple stories leads to a leveling of the worlds in macro- and micro-scale; everything happens as a result of the author's decision.

Ewa Łubiarz talks about the idea of creation but also about the very process of creation that determines her world. The wine must triggers the creative ferment that makes one tell one's story; it is also responsible for everything that is so fascinating and intoxicating in the creative process.

(text: The Lithography Atelier: Magdalena Boffito, Błażej Ostoja Lniski)