Błażej Ostoja Lniski

Born in 1974 in Czersk. In the years 1994-1999 he studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with honors, earning an MA in painting under the supervision of Prof. Rajmund Ziemski, with a minor in lithography supervised by Prof. Władysław Winiecki. Since 1999 Lniski has been working for his alma mater. He is a Professor and runs the lithography studio. Currently, Lniski holds the post of Dean of the Faculty of Graphic Arts. His interests include painting and graphic arts (mainly lithography).
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Writing, figure, repetition.
Notes on Błażej Ostoja Lniski's painting.

The exhibition presents Błażej Ostoja Lniski's painting but the author, apart from being a painter, is also the head of the Lithography Atelier at Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts. His links with lithography are crucial as it seems to me that the artist has translated some gestures and features typical of lithography to the language of painting and has incorporated them into his work.

Lithography enables the mechanical reproduction of works of art – moreover, every print gains the status of an original, while the original drawing on the lithographic stone does not have this status (in the case of painting we only have one original and its copies, i.e. reproductions, hand- or mechanically-made or produced by means of digital technology.)

The drawing is effaced from the matrix; instead we can observe a proliferation of – (almost) identical - originals (every print that the artist considers successful becomes an original). One of the distinctive features of lithography is repetition, a paradoxical multiplication of the originals, made possible thanks to the lithographic press. [read more]
(text Adam Zdrodowski)